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Our Clients

We LOVE Canyon Car Service!
You really do enhance the quality of our lives.


I’ve used Topanga Canyon Car Service since 2010. After probably 100 rides, I can say with great confidence that Jenise, Randy, and all of the Canyon’s drivers are exceptional, providing timely communications and service every time. I couldn’t recommend them more highly! – Chris B.

One of our clients says she was using one of the Limo BLS companies and had an expense account – But as soon as she started using us, she never went back to the other company.

You are such a wonderful person, in addition to offering a splendid service. We look forward to seeing YOU — not just the service! And Randy too.
Another client said today that when she sees me or Canyon Car Service she associates that with a Happy Feeling!


Thanks Jenise. Lynn was there as promised and took the three of us back to Topanga…comfortably and safely. It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.
– Arthur N.

I enjoyed my ride to Tarzana with Randy. A car ride is a simple thing, but this one was really good. I’ll definitely use your service again.
Thanks, Richard

Another client said:
You Can’t Match Us!
The reason… We run a Tight Ship! We have great Personalized Customer Service!
And Guess Why: We Really Care!

I will always recommend Canyon Car Service, you are the BEST!
“I know I can always count on Canyon Limo Service for Prompness and Courtesy”
Carola Kaplan
“Your always-amazing service is well worth it!”