Pricing | Canyon Car Service


Payment upon reservation is preferred & will guarantee a ride.

Please Note: Due to the road closure, there will be a temporary $20 surcharge for any trips to or from the westside, including the airport.

Topanga (to or from,
all prices are one way):

Malibu (to or from,
all prices are one way):

Other (to or from,
all prices are one way):

To LAX $180.00 Thousand Oaks – LAX $180
From LAX
From LAX $180.00 North part of Decker Cyn – LAX $180
Burbank Airport
Santa Monica $120.00 Pac Pal to LAX or Burbank $140
Long Beach Airport
John Wayne Airport
within Topanga $50.00 Las Flores to LAX $150.00 World Cruise Center $170
Woodland Hills/Calabasas $60.00 Burbank $150.00
Encino $90.00 Downtown $190.00
Laurel Canyon / Van Nuys $120.00
West Lake Village / Agoura $95.00
Thousand Oaks $105.00
PCH or Pacific Palisades $50.00
Santa Monica $90.00
Malibu (Civic center & south) $100.00
Malibu (Pt Dume area) $110.00
Malibu (north) $120.00
Brentwood, Westwood, Culver City or UCLA $130.00
Beverly Hills / Hollywood $150.00
Los Feliz $170.00
Pasadena or Downtown L.A. $180.00
Venice $130.00

For any locations not noted please call for pricing: 310-456-4284
All other rides are charge on an hourly basis: $70 per hour plus 20% gratuity (minimum, 3 hours).



Extras & Surcharges:

  • Cancellation is required within 48 hours to avoid us not knowing you canceled and waiting for you at the airport. With 48 hour or less cancellation, there is no refund.
  • Before 6am, after midnight (from Topanga): $10 surcharge. From outside Topanga or before 4am: $20 surcharge
  • Meet & Greet in airport $25
  • $10 extra for international pickups (without Global Entry)
  • $10 – $20 surcharge for additional pick-ups or drop-offs out of the way.
  • $10 – for child seat or dog.
  • We accept last minute calls but please make sure you reach us by calling again. Do not depend on one message, sometimes we are in a cell phone dead zone and may not get your messages right away.
  • $25 – Sur Charge on Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Please note for New Years Eve: $25 extra before midnite, $50 extra after midnite


No Calls for Reservations between Midnight and 7AM.
Customer Service ends at Midnite so call the next morning to book a ride.

We take all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa & Mastercard.
We prefer payment in advance, especially on the return trips.